Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Low

Highest: 345
DOS: 329
Current: 274

It's taken me a while to get back on track. I've been up and down the 270s for several weeks now. More than several actually. I've really had a hard time staying away from carbs. Not just because I crave them, which I do, but because more and more I am becoming meat-free. I can't do eggs anymore, they make me vomit every time, and meat is such a turn off for me. So I indulge in the carbs. I'm trying to get back to some veggies and protein shakes right now and it seems to have kickstarted me once again into losing some more. I AM NOT DONE LOSING - I have to keep reminding myself when I get down that I paid for this surgery myself (with mom's help) and I cannot be done yet. I hit my 6 month mark recently and while disappointed with the numbers, I feel so much better than I did at 329 or 345. Must keep reminding myself that it will only get better as the numbers go down more.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Catching up here:

1. Hit a new low today of 277.6. Slow but steady going. Unlike the 6 weeks that I spent in a stall earlier this summer.

2. Must try harder in the next 3 weeks. I have a wedding to attend and I will be seeing family that I haven't seen since Christmas (at 320 pounds). I'd like to shred off about 13.6 pounds which would put me at my lowest weight since living in Florida (6 years). It's possible if I live on protein shakes and work out/walk daily.

3. I'm having a tattoo laser-removed and today the itchiness has set in. I have to say it's about the worst pain I've ever experienced (the actual treatment - not the itchiness). For 2 minutes it makes me feel like I'm going to pass out. But the results are starting to show after 3 treatments now. I paid for another 3 since they were offering a price break. I'm hoping after the 6, it'll be gone. Dumb dumb thing I did. It's going to cost me at least 3x what I paid for it to have it removed. What was I thinking that day?

4. Saw a bicycle accident this morning. The car won. I hope the woman is ok. She took a bad fall.

5. My mom is considering another shoulder surgery. At 81, I hope this goes well for her. Her April surgery didn't seem to help. This worries me.

6. We have an office farter. 'Nuff said. At least its not me.

7. I'm going to the Bok Tower Gardens this weekend with a friend and her son. Should be a good time.

8. My heart goes out to my dear friend Valerie who just lost her 41 year old husband to unknown causes. It's a heart wrenching story. She's a strong soul though. She will carry on and have a good life.

9 and 10. Pictures from last weekend. Went to MOSI in Tampa for a mummies exhibit and then ate at Taco Bus. Had the most amazing butternut squash tostada. Must see if I can replicate the recipe sometime. Moday was spent at Silver Springs and was a good time. A small outdated "theme park" --not by today's standards but back in the day, I could see the appeal. Was still a good time.

Take care all and happy Friday-eve!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Catching up


Well I finally hit the 270's. It's been about 6 or 7 weeks to lost the 10 pounds in the 280s. Longer than it should have taken. But now I'm motivated - like no other....I have an apt. on Oct. 4 to see Dr. Kim my surgeon. I fear him. I had to go into to see the nurse a couple of weeks ago and was told I was not on schedule and had started back on complex carbs too early. So no more rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc...for a while. I've started walking consistently and even made noon trips to Walgreen's (about a 2 mile walk round trip) in this god-awful Florida heat twice this week. I seriously fear my surgeon so I want to get off another 20 pounds  or so before D-day.

I've been doing some sightseeing lately on the weekends as usual. Here are some photos of recent trips to Old Town (cars - Orlando), Miami (Ibis bird and palm tree), the Brevard Zoo (Macaw)

Friday, July 27, 2012

An even 60


I've now lost a total of 60 pounds. It feels really good. The size 26 skirt I bought a month ago and couldn't get on yet is now feeling like its becoming too big. Or maybe it is fitting now and I'm so used to things being so tight on me that I don't remember what clothes that actually fit feel like.

Here's some pictures from last weekend. I went to Downtown Disney and Clearwater to see the sights. It was a very good weekend. I had a killer veggie sandwich from Wolfgang Puck Express at DD. Plus I indulged in a caramel apple. Boy did that thing taste good. I didn't need it but I sure wanted it and with all the walking, I justified having it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

280 here I come

I am back from my 10 day trip to Minnesota to see my family. I ate a lot of sugar while I was home. Something I don't really do much of down here in Florida. I thought for sure my weight would be up by 5-10 pounds, but I actually lost weight on my trip home. And I only threw up twice. Once for a wild rice hotdish that gave me horrible acid reflux and once for overeating lunch. Here are some pictures of the arboretum we went to.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vacation Plans

I'm off to Minnesota for 10 days to see my family (mom, sisters, aunt, uncles) in just a couple of days. Because babysitters for my mom's dogs are needed if we go anywhere for a length of time, Dr. apts, and when my sister is off work - and because I like doing it, who am i kidding - I made an itinerary for the trip. I outlined the apts. and the wishful to-do list. It's pretty chock full of things and lots of driving to and fro.....but what struck me after reading and rereading my list in preparation and excitement of going "home" was that no where on this list was any food/restaurants mentioned. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2 Weekend update


Very happy with the weight. I was hoping to hit 290 before my trip coming up on Friday. It's the weight I was at one year ago for my art show. hard to believe that I put on and lost 55 pounds in a year. What was I thinking/doing?? Things got out of control very quickly. It now bring my total since surgery to 39.2 and overall to 55 pounds lost.

I was feeling pretty good about things (although I certainly wish the weight would come off faster) yesterday. Then I went on a day trip to St. Petersburg FL with a friend. She coaxed me into a photo booth for photos and I couldn't believe what 290 looks like. I was so internally upset after seeing myself. The chins is what got me. You'd think 55 would show more but I was aghast. I also got a very disapproving look from some lady at The Pier. I don't know what that was all about, but she gave me the up/down frowny face and I wanted to slug her and pull her hair. I wanted to yell "I've lost 55 pound biotch and I'm working on it."

Overall though it was a good day. I'm going to add in some protein shakes this week and I debated hitting the emergency room last night as I was severally dehydrated and had a monsterous headache. What stopped me was knowing how hard of a time they'd have sticking me for an IV. I was up at 2AM drinking water and watching tv just to get some fliuds in me. I have to be better about that this week.

Sunday, Jean and I went to St. Pete to see the new Dali museum and The Pier. She really had a good time. I had a hard time with the sun and heat (middle 90s). I was dehydrated as I stated before, so I was a little on the miserable side, but it was still fun. Photos to follow